Private Client

Robust legal solutions over a range of taxation, private wealth, immigration and insurance matters

We deliver robust legal solutions to individuals located both in and out of Cyprus over a range of short-term and longer-term legal challenges and concerns over taxation and private wealth matters, immigration law, insurance claims and personal injury.
  • tax and private wealth
  • immigration and citizenship
  • personal injury and insurance
We have valuable education and expertise in private wealth matters. This comprises, on one end, Christos Pericleous’ specialist vocational training in international taxation law at King’s College London and practical understanding of Cyprus tax law and, on the other end, Chryso Michail’s hands-on experience in the formation and administration of trusts.

We can advise and support clients on a range of private wealth matters, including
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Tax litigation
  • Trusts formation and management,
  • Probate and the administration of estates
  • Banking law
Our team has the experience and the perspective to offer reliable support in a range of immigration law matters.

Our expertise extends to preparing and filing Permanent Residence Permit and citizenship applications as well as obtaining employment permits and visas.
We have solid practical experience in personal injury litigation and insurance claims, including in particular auto accidents and accidents in the workplace.

We can advise and protect clients by ensuring effective representation in Court or conducting and completing out-of-Court settlement negotiations for insurance claims.
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