COVID-19 Legal Impact

Insights and guides on the Cyprus law implications of the coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 and Construction: Contractual rights and obligations for added delay and expense

With a full lockdown of all live construction sites in the Republic of Cyprus now in effect, the coronavirus pandemic has already crept into the Cypriot construction industry.

The COVID-19 crisis has given rise to a number of questions for stakeholders:
Can the contractor obtain an extension of time for delays caused due to the pandemic?

Is the employer entitled to delay damages?

Is the contractor entitled to compensation for added expense?
This 5-minute explainer video addresses stakeholders’ contractual rights and obligations with respect to added delay and expense on account of the pandemic and the legal implications likely to arise.

The analysis considers both the widely-used Cyprus Joint Construction Contract Tribunal standard form contract (1996 ed.) and terms in bespoke construction contracts.
Stay tuned: A separate visual legal analysis on whether termination rights under the standard form or bespoke contracts may be triggered because of the pandemic will follow shortly.
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